Alberta Driver Pulled Over and Fined for Driving With Lumber in Hand

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” as the saying would so inspiringly say. Well, the journey wasn’t so pleasant for this motivated Alberta driver as he was pulled over and fined by the Alberta RCMP for carrying lumber out of his Volvo S60 window.

Home renovations can sometimes be complicated, and if you’re not dealing with a contractor or don’t own a van or a pickup truck, you’ll most probably have to be creative when rolling your cart out of your local Lowe’s and heading to your car.

If the Tetris game doesn’t work and the laws of physics catch up to your ambitions, it’s always better to have your lumber cut to smaller sections. And if that’s out of the question, calling a friend or renting a truck can save you, and the other drivers around you, a lot of problems.

This particular Alberta driver didn’t seem to see the advantages of stopping by the store’s cutting centre or asking for help, and when the RCMP officer saw what seemed to be a 6’ trim piece being held by the driver’s hand out of his sedan window, the officer snapped a picture before lighting up the offending driver.

As the Alberta RCMP Twitter post mentions with clever humour, this decision will probably have a negative impact on the driver’s renovation project budget, not to mention his driving record.

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