Subaru Wants You to Take Your Wilderness Into the Canadian Wild

Affiliating your brand with nature is always a winning strategy these days. And Subaru owners are known for their tendency to turn everything into a hike or a camping trip. Subaru Canada recently launched two Wilderness models, one for the Outback and one for the Forester, and the brand took the opportunity to partner with the British Columbia Parks Foundation, Ontario Parks, and Parcs New Brunswick Parks in order to “support parks across Canada through park ambassador programs, educational videos, and the discovery and protection of Canada's wilderness.”

We assume that the ambassadors will act as influencers who produce nature-filled content for Subaru Canada’s social media channels and ads, but the company is also throwing in a complimentary Parks Canada Family/Group Discovery Pass with every 2022 Outback Wilderness purchase in Canada – that way, every owner can enjoy the great outdoors throughout 80 national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas for a period of one year.

Photo: Marc-André Gauthier

"This partnership and support of parks across Canada, through education and outreach in provincial parks as well as a new national program helping Subaru Outback Wilderness owners discover Parks Canada, will bring bigger adventures to Canadians this year," said Yasushi Enami, chairman, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. "Subaru Canada is taking steps to encourage a stronger connection with nature. We support Canadians that wish to go deeper in the forest, higher up the mountain and further off the beaten path than ever before."

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