You Could Own These 13 “Mad Max: Fury Road” Vehicles

Great news for car enthusiasts and movie buffs who loved the insane, post-apocalyptic vehicles that starred in Mad Max: Fury Road. Thirteen of those that survived the shooting are now up for sale thanks to Lloyds Classic Car Auctions-Asia Pacific.

Even though the company is based in Australia and the machines are stored over there, as well, you can still bid on them. Private and confidential phone call or email is the only way to make an offer. You have until September 26 to show your interest.

Payment can be accepted in any currency, including cryptocurrencies. Of course, if you end up with a winning bid, you’ll have to arrange for transportation. Luckily, the auction house says that “nitrous, no-nonsense shipping can be arranged for anywhere in what’s left of the World.” Fantastic.

Photo: Lloyds Classic Car Auctions-Asia Pacific

According to the Warner Bros. film's production designer, the wild rigs in Mad Max: Fury Road were originally scavenged from Australian junkyards. They’ll make an otherworldly addition to anyone’s car collection, that’s for sure. No guns, rockets, flame-throwers or other weapons are functional, obviously.

Here are the 13 models for sale:

  • War Rig
  • Gigahorse
  • Doof Wagon
  • Nux Car
  • Convoy Car: Elvis
  • Convoy Car: Flamer
  • Razor Cola
  • Pole Car
  • Sabre Tooth
  • Fire Car
  • Caltrop: El Dorado
  • Buggy: Ratrod Chev
  • Buick: Heavy Artillery With Hummer Weapon Mount

We’ll leave you with this clip from the movie that shows them in action, just in case you have a hard time remembering a few:   

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