Acura NSX Signs Off With Type S Variant

Acura has announced that the 2022 NSX will be released with a Type S variant and its production will be limited to just 350 units worldwide.

This exceptional variant will be officially unveiled on August 12 as part of Monterey Car Week, the large-scale annual event that is making a comeback after a forced hiatus last year due to the pandemic. Without giving technical details on this NSX Type S, Acura set the table by saying that this version "enhances performance Acura's cutting-edge electrified supercar to the next level, delivering more power, faster acceleration, more precise handling and a more emotional driving experience. "

The hybrid powertrain at the heart of the NSX will most probably output more power than the regular version’s 573 horsepower. Type S performance versions are currently making a comeback at Acura, with the TLX and MDX models also benefiting from the performance-enhanced nameplate for their 2022 model year.

Video: 2022 Acura NSX Type S Teaser

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