Super Luxury Grand Touring Dealership Lands in Calgary

The Prairies now have a new ultra-luxury car hotspot. Toronto-based Grand Touring Automobiles has just acquired Calgary locations to cater to luxury car buyers within the province and beyond: Weissach Group’s Alberta operation which includes Automobili Pininfarina, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Lotus, Koenigsegg and RIMAC, as well as two brands from the Dilawri Group of Companies - Aston Martin and Bentley.

This makes Grand Touring Automobiles a new go-to dealership in the Prairies for these brands.

In the next few years, the former Weissach facility on Heritage Drive and the group's pre-owned operations at the existing store on Glendeer Circle in the Calgary Auto Mall will be brought together to create a central location to house all brands.

Moreover, the company is now responsible for Bugatti and Koenigsegg in Canada, as it was the number one dealer for Bugatti sales in North America in 2020.

"Having a portfolio of super luxury brands in Calgary is the perfect fit in more ways than one," stated Grand Touring Automobiles Dealer Principal and CEO, Paul Cummings. "Our experience serving the super luxury and sporting car markets, and our strong relationships with storied brands like Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce make this combination both a natural and logical extension of what we do. But it's the extraordinary dedication to customer service, and the enduring respect these organizations have for their customers that aligns perfectly with the principles that have been the foundation of our success. Between the products and the people, it's hard to imagine a better fit," said Cummings.

"We have great faith in the Calgary market and its ability to adapt to the changing dynamics," Cummings added. "The dealerships joining our family can count on the support and resources that have been the foundation of our business over the past decade."

The company also operates and represents other concessions and brands in Canada, like Rolls-Royce and Polestar.

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