OnStar Services No Longer Exclusive to GM Vehicles

OnStar’s 25-year exclusive partnership with General Motors is coming to an end. Starting today, the company is making its services available to all Canadians no matter what vehicle they drive.

The OnStar Guardian app can be downloaded by anybody for iOS and Android devices. The monthly subscription fee is $15.

Originally launched in June 2020, OnStar Guardian allows users to benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance and access to OnStar personnel in case of an emergency. Just by hitting a button on your smartphone, you can talk to an operator and receive assistance. That person can also contact emergency teams if necessary.

What’s more, the app makes it possible to save locations in the built-in map and get notifications when a friend or family member of yours hits the road with your vehicle or has safely arrived at their destination.

“OnStar helps people across the country every day in incredible ways. Our members and their family can bring the power of OnStar with them,” said Mike Speranzini, Customer Experience Manager at OnStar.

OnStar will remain a division of General Motors. The OnStar Guardian app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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