Some 2021 Ford F-150 Owners Already Complaining About Rust

The fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150, which hit the market late last year, is certainly an impressive product in terms of cabin innovations and technologies. As we reported recently, many owners were quick to take advantage of the new hybrid variant and on-board generator.

However, others have started to become a bit disillusioned and admittedly quite baffled by the amount of rust that’s already creeping up under their truck.

The problem is not limited to areas facing harsh winter conditions or full of salty air from the ocean, mind you. The Detroit Free Press reports that even F-150 owners in Texas have noticed unusual surface rust on the axles and other underbody.

Photo: Ford

In some cases, the trucks have been running for a just a few weeks. Were the parts stored in a high-humidity facility before they hit the assembly line? Is something wrong with the rustproofing treatment from the factory? Were post-assembly quality checks botched?

Neither the dealers nor the automaker seem to have an answer at this point, which adds to the frustration. A U.S. spokesman for Ford has said that the company is looking into questions raised by customers with the help of suppliers, but “while some F-150 underbody steel components may show signs of surface rust, this will have no impact on part performance or life.”

The Car Guide contacted Ford Canada representatives to hopefully get more information, but we were given the same statement. If you’ve purchased a brand new 2021 Ford F-150, don’t hesitate to share your own personal experience in the comments section below.

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