Ferrari SF90 Spider is Italy’s 986-hp Plug-in Hybrid Roadster

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the first-ever plug-in hybrid supercar from the prestigious Italian automaker, is finally dropping its top. Meet the new SF90 Spider!

Boasting the same impressive specifications and performance attributes as the coupe, this new roadster benefits from the latest iteration of Ferrari’s signature retractable hard top architecture.

The roof is so compact, simple and lightweight it can be actioned in just 14 seconds and can be deployed when the car is on the move. What’s more, it takes up just 100 litres of space rather than the 150-200 litres required by a traditional system.

Photo: Ferrari

Ferrari designers worked hard to ensure the sides, front and tail of the SF90 Spider have the same distinctive styling as the SF90 Stradale when the top is deployed. Equally paramount was maintaining the same chassis rigidity levels. This was achieved, among other things, by re-sculpting the car’s surfaces so that the tonneau cover seamlessly integrates with the B-pillars. And remarkably, the combustion engine remains clearly visible both when the roof is deployed or retracted.

Speaking of which, the twin-turbocharged V8 pairs with two electric motors up front and another in the rear to generate a total of 986 horsepower, all of which is handled by an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Three propulsion modes are available: Electric (FWD), Hybrid (RWD) and 4WD Hybrid. Under normal braking conditions, energy recovery using the electric motors is the priority: the hydraulic braking system intervenes to support the electric one in all sharp deceleration conditions. As for the 7.9-kWh battery, it provides a range of 25 kilometres and allows a top speed of 135 km/h.

Photo: Ferrari

When it comes to aerodynamics, one of the main features on the SF90 Spider is the shut-off Gurney at the rear, an active control system that varies downforce over the rear axle. Specific to the roadster, a central trim section between the driver and passenger seats channels the air flow away from the head and shoulders and into a double layer of trim on the upper part of the tunnel. Also, a power adjustable rear window improves occupant comfort at high speeds when the top is down.

Just like the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider offers an Assetto Fiorano package that enhances performance on the track. It includes specially calibrated Multimatic shock absorbers and many lightweight components along with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Customers also have the option of a two-tone livery like the one you see here.

Photo: Ferrari

The cockpit is essentially identical. The single HD digital interface resides behind the steering wheel and is 16 inches in size. In the default screen, everything is dominated by a large circular tachometer, framed by the battery charge indicator. You have the navigation screen on one side and the audio controls on the other. There is lots of flexibility in terms of personalizing the display. For example, you can select a full-screen version of the navigation map.

Pricing for the Ferrari SF90 Spider will be announced at a later date but will inevitably be more expensive than the SF90 Stradale, which starts at just under $600,000.

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