Idiot Wrecks His Modified Porsche in Deserted NYC Streets

We have a new nominee for the worst fail of the year, folks.

While the streets of New York City are mostly empty due to the lockdown measures implemented by authorities to fight COVID-19, the owner of a Gemballa Mirage GT, which is an extremely rare and highly customized version of the iconic Porsche Carrera GT, decided to blast his way through the lower part of Manhattan earlier today.

Unfortunately, his fun was short-lived as he hit several vehicles parked on 11th Avenue, causing serious damage to his precious ride. Witnesses including Instagram user ronniecnyc quickly shared photos and videos on social media.

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WTF 🙃🙃 #porsche

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Police caught up with the rampaging Gemballa, which stopped on 44th Street just north of the Javits Center (temporarily tuned into a hospital to treat COVID-19 patients, as you know). While the driver’s identity has not been confirmed upon writing these lines, charges are pending.

According to multiple sources, the car belongs to Benjamin Chen, co-founder of a company called GoldRush Rally and well known for his large collection of exotic cars.

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Rough morning *photos taken by me*

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Should we just hand him the Fail of the Year award already?

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