Watch: A Ride in Deserted New York City

Canada so far has not been as severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as other countries including even our neighbours south of the border. In the U.S., the virus has spread more quickly and the confinement measures put in place are often more drastic.

New York City is perhaps the best example.

On social media, many people are sharing pictures and videos of the deserted streets, landmarks and attractions – places that would all normally be full of workers and tourists. Taxis and other passenger cars are a pretty rare sight, as well.

Here’s a short clip from the Associated Press that shows downtown New York and Times Square in particular:

Meanwhile, the team at the YouTube channel ShiftingLanes drove around a large portion of Manhattan Island (the biggest crowd was in front of a Whole Foods grocery store) as well as on nearby highways through the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel:

Feels kind of eerie, don’t you think?

Speaking of New York, state governor Andrew Cuomo wants to take advantage of all the cancelled events at the Javits Center—including the New York Auto Show—to turn the site into a field hospital during the coronavirus crisis.

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