The Car Guide’s 2020 Best Buys: Mazda MX-5

Every year, The Car Guide publishes its Best Buys in nearly 30 different vehicle categories. Today we continue our review of the 2020 winners with a look at convertibles, and once again the favourite of our staff successfully defends its title.

That’s right, the Mazda MX-5 (MSRP from $33,100) remains the top pick for drivers wanting to get their hands on a brand new cabriolet.

Incredibly fun to drive, this little Japanese roadster will win your heart with its superb handling, precise steering and playful character. Yet, its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine produces a modest 181 horsepower. The trick is the car’s super-light weight, perfect balance and tremendous responsiveness.

Whether you opt for the soft-top model or the hardtop-equipped RF (Retractable Fastback), styling is timeless and the cabin’s ergonomics are excellent. Furthermore, the MX-5 is highly reliable, cheap to maintain for a sporty car and easy to resell at a great price.

Photo: Mazda

The runner-up this year is none other than the Ford Mustang Convertible (MSRP from $36,080), which continues to shine with remarkable performance and handling, but also its racy character and athletic look. There’s a turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine that develops 310 horsepower and a raging 5.0-litre V8 that belts out 460 horses. Some will say it’s too bad the new 760-horsepower Shelby GT500 is only available as a coupe…

Finally, third place in the segment goes to the MINI Convertible (MSRP from $31,190) thanks in part to some recent progress in terms of reliability. The power soft top can be opened partially or fully depending on the amount of wind you want to let in. Also, this tiny four-seat cabriolet offers Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works variants ranging from 134 to 228 horsepower.

The Car Guide’s 2020 Scores

  1. Mazda MX-5 – 87%
  2. Ford Mustang Convertible – 81%
  3. MINI Convertible – 78%
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