Bedbugs Like Ridesharing Services as Much as You do

No taxi or ridesharing company will openly admit it, but their car interiors are no different from a house, apartment or hotel room for parasites, more specifically bedbugs.

A recent report by the WFAA news channel in Dallas, Texas caught our attention because we can hear what an exterminator has to say about it.

Don Brooks, owner of Doffdon Pest Control, told the reporter he receives about 5-10 calls per week from rideshare drivers who have noticed the bugs in their cars or have serious doubts and want some peace of mind.

"By the time you start seeing them, you've got a bigger problem than you had any idea. It could be one of them that just crawled off someone," he says.

Consider this: a single female bedbug can produce 1,000 eggs in about three months.

Obviously, any passenger can carry bedbugs into a car without realizing it. These pests can come from any number of places, and just because you have someone perform an extermination doesn’t mean the problem won’t return another week.

According to Brooks, rideshare drivers and users alike need to pay attention to corners, crevices and other small places in the car where bedbugs may hide. Small black dots could mean bedbug waste in the form of shed exoskeletons or poop.

Are you starting to feel itchy, yet?

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