This Flame-spitting Ford Model A Has a Tank V12

The Ford Model A is a unique piece of automotive history and, like many classic cars, it attracts tuning enthusiasts and restomod specialists.

Just do a quick search online and you will come across a number of remarkable creations with stunning designs, outrageous components or both.

Today, via Ford Authority, we discovered the YouTube channel of Australian magazine Street Machine, which has a video of an insane Model A that was completely transformed… with a tank engine.

That’s right, a gearhead from New Zealand by the name of Russell Lowe managed to get his hands on a 27-litre Meteor V12 from an old Centurion used by the British military after World War II. Built by Rolls-Royce, the engine originally produced 650 horsepower, but Lowe and his team strapped a 16-71 supercharger on top and added a pair of 1250 CFM Dominator carburetors.

By his estimation, the Model A now cranks out between 1,000-1,200 horsepower!

Actually, there’s not much left from the stock vehicle. Lowe’s monster rides on a 1949 Ford truck chassis, the entire drivetrain was replaced and of course the suspension received a ton of upgrades. It was a lot of work at first because no manuals or specifications were available, but somehow the crew figured it out.

Lowe says he will take part in a drag race in a couple of weeks, hoping that nothing will break and the car will maintain a fairly straight trajectory. It still has the original brakes, however, so good luck with that!

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