Mystery Surrounds Porsche Taycan Caught in a Fire

You might have heard stories of Tesla cars that caught fire, most of them the result of debris damaging the electric system components after a crash.

Well, this past weekend, one of the approximately 130 Porsche Taycan sedans sold in the U.S. last year suffered a similar fate down in Florida.

According to the limited information we have, a fire broke out suddenly and burned down the garage housing the Taycan. The exact cause remains unknown at this point. There’s a chance the fire didn’t even start in the car or with the domestic charging station.

“At this point, it’s too early to speculate on the cause of this incident. There have been no other reported incidents like this before, and we are willing to assist further investigation in any way we can,” Porsche says.

The Taycan initially launched last September with a brand new platform and an 800V electric system that’s double the normal standard for EVs.

Could it be that the technology needs further development? It’s possible. Should people be scared of EVs in general? Certainly not, but these incidents still warrant attention.

Meanwhile, fires in gasoline-powered cars occur regularly yet seldom make headlines.

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