This is Why You Should Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

We’ve all seen people do it. Heck, it might even be you or someone in your family.

While enjoying the road in the comfort of the front passenger seat, you decide to take your shoes off and rest your feet on the dashboard, not necessarily thinking about how it might affect the driver’s field of vision.

Another thing you don’t seem to be thinking about is your own safety. Indeed, the consequences in the event of a crash could be pretty serious, especially when airbags deploy.

Now, we have some graphic evidence to prove it.

A couple of days ago, police in Wales released the X-ray of a young woman named Audra Tatum who had her femur snapped, one hip broken and the other dislocated far out of place after riding with her feet up back in 2015.

The relatively minor, yet life-changing car accident left her permanently disabled (the other passengers only suffered bruises and scratches). As a result, she is no longer able to work… as an emergency medical technician—the kind of irony that isn’t so funny.

No one has a “spidey sense” and is quick enough to remove their feet from the dashboard during a collision. Also, airbags deploy at speeds between 160-350 km/h. Consider yourself warned once and for all.

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