Canadian Car Sales Dropped in 2019

The downward trend we’ve been witnessing throughout 2019 is reflected in the latest sales numbers posted by automakers.

Across Canada, 1,923,729 light-duty vehicles found a home last year compared with 1,996,037 in 2018, according to the Automotive News Data Center. That’s a difference of 3.6 percent and the first drop in over a decade.

We’re still looking at the fourth-best year ever in terms of total vehicle sales, mind you.

While passenger cars fell 16.1 percent in all of 2019, SUVs and pickups gained 1.6 percent.

Photo: Ford

Ford remains the number one automaker in Canada with 287,784 units sold. As far as luxury vehicles go, Mercedes-Benz once again dominates with 45,828 units.

It’s interesting to note that Toyota, Ram and Mitsubishi all achieved record years in 2019.

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