Here’s a Mazda RX-7 with Four Rotors, 1,000 Hp and Mad Sound Effects

Hoping to relive the magic of the LeMans-winning 787B race car, a Mazda RX-7 owner by the name of David Mazzei has completely transformed the powertrain by using the iconic, four-rotor R26B engine from the Japanese automaker.

This extremely high-revving 2.6-litre mill originally produced 700 horsepower, but Mazzei somehow managed to crank it up to 1,000 horsepower, even running on just 12 psi of boost (when he tried to add more turbo pressure the transmission broke). Peak torque amounts to 650 pound-feet and redline is at 10,000 rpm.

Plenty of work was done to build a custom exhaust manifold to emulate the sound of the 787B. In fact, exhaust is straight-piped out of the side of the hood.

As for the Work GTX5593 98 mm Gen 2 turbocharger, Mazzei says he chose it specifically for its sound profile.

The result is a fire-breathing, insane-sounding RX-7 that was originally presented at SEMA last year. You can see it in the video below, which was posted on the YouTube channel Hoonigan Daily Transmission:

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