Continental Develops a Self-Inflating Tire

How’s that for an innovation? Tire manufacturer Continental has developed a tire concept that can inflate itself while driving.

Known as C.A.R.E. (Connected. Autonomous. Reliable. Electrified), the tire features built-in sensors that continuously evaluate data regarding tread depth, possible damage, tire temperature and tire pressure.

These sensors then transmit information to a ContiConnect Live centre where an operator can remotely manage the condition of the tire.

The tire also has centrifugal pumps that generate compressed air using the centrifugal forces within the wheel as the vehicle accelerates.

Any excess compressed air is stored in an integrated tank that can quickly send pressure into the tires if needed. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Photo: Continental

Of course, Continental is not the only tire manufacturer trying to literally reinvent the wheel.

Michelin has a brand new airless tire in the works, which it presented back in June. The plan is to come to market as early as 2024, with the help of General Motors.

In 2011, rival Bridgestone pioneered a tire prototype made from synthetic thermoplastic resin that was both puncture-proof and 100-percent reusable.

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