Some of the Weirdest Questions Customers Ask Car Dealers

Car dealers often go to great lengths to accommodate potential customers and meet their needs. Some questions and requests are rather unusual, while a few are just plain weird.

(Raise your hand if you recognize yourself here.)

In a recent survey, the CarGurus website reached out to thousands of used car dealers to find the strangest questions they have ever been asked, whether it’s for a test drive, a purchase or something else.

Many of those had to do with the price of the vehicle, including payment terms, but there were a number of buyers asking very specific and singular questions that left dealers scratching their heads.

Photo: CarGurus

Here are 10 of them as compiled by CarGurus:

  1. Will a coffin fit in the back of this Ford?
  2. Can I take the car home to see if my dog likes it?
  3. Can you make the steering wheel on the other side?
  4. Would you take animals/property as payment?
  5. Can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky?
  6. Can I take my 80-year-old wife for a test drive to scare her?
  7. Can you fit it with a radio and tape deck?
  8. Can you deliver it to Australia?
  9. Can you put the seats down so I can see if I can sleep in the back?
  10. Can you fill it with balloons and put a bow on it?
Photo: CarGurus

Actually, there are plenty of customers who seem to be overly concerned about fitting sometimes odd belongings in the car. Examples include a tuba, a long bow and arrow, a double bass and one particular buyer even wanted to know if he could install a baby seat on the rear shelf of a two-seat Toyota MR2 sports car!

Many dealers are often asked if payment for a car can be delayed, or if they can take a vehicle off the market for up to six months to allow the customer to raise the cash.

Others report being asked to transport cars hundreds of kilometres away so that the customer can view it in person.

Have you once personally asked a weird question to a car dealer or do you know someone who has? Feel free to post a comment!

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