87-year-old Man Still Drives his 92-year-old Ford Model T

Here’s a story about cars, passion and endurance that has nothing to do with racing or a production milestone by a manufacturer.

This is simply about an 87-year-old man from South Ohio, Nova Scotia who still drives the 1927 Ford Model T he purchased 70 years ago.

In 1949, when he was just 17, Randall Pitman earned 10 cents an hour pumping gas. He saw that the Model T was headed for auction, so he saved $50 with the hope of getting the winning bid. His wish came true and it cost him $47.50.

Over the past seven decades, Pitman has kept driving and maintaining his now 92-year-old ride, which remains true to its original form. He obviously has to start the engine with a hand crank and extend his arm out to signal his intention to turn. He also jokes about tilting the windshield open for “air conditioning.”

Photo: CBC

The lack of seat belts and the rarity of replacement parts force Pitman to use a trailer to get his precious Model T across long distances, like when he attends vintage car and truck shows. The latest took place in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island back in July.

What’s the mileage on this vehicle? Pitman says he's not exactly sure.

According to CBC, which first uncovered the story, Pitman also owns a 1927 Ford Model T coupe that he has been restoring during the same period.

By the way, that model year is when Ford stopped making its legendary automobile.

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