Original Ford Mustang from "Bullitt" Soon to be Auctioned

One of the most iconic and legendary movie cars of all time is set to change hands. And it could sell for a record price.

One of the two Ford Mustangs used for the shooting of Bullitt will be auctioned off in January in Florida.

The car's owner, Sean Kiernan, made the announcement via Instagram, explaining that "this is the best decision for the family."

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Through a lot of conversation and prayer my family and I have decided to sell our car, the 1968 Mustang GT fastback known as Bullitt. I can promise that we have thought this through together and decided that this is the best decision for the family. Bullitt has been part of my family for 45 years and we have celebrated her in the grandest way possible, and now it will have a new role and new meaning to the future owner. Mecum Auctions will handle the sale of the car and it will headline the Kissimmee, Florida auction in January 2020. The announcement of the car will be made in Monterey, California by myself surrounded by long time friends on August 14th at 3pm Pacific. I have accomplished what I set out to do with the car; Tell my Dad’s story in the best way possible and share the car with the world. I had no idea what to expect when we unveiled the car in January 2018 in Detroit, but since then everyone has been absolutely excited and respectful to see the car and hear the story. I have met many awesome people along the way and have heard many amazing stories. Thanks to each and every one of you, and I will continue to be very active in the automotive/Mustang community. Also, I plan to take a much bigger role in Parkinson’s research and surrounding charities such as Drive Toward a Cure. The following events are where you can come and see Bullitt and myself before January 2020- Kentucky Summer Nights, Somerset Kentucky – August 24th Mecum Dallas Auction – September 4th–7th Charlotte AutoFair – October 17th–19th SEMA – November 5th- 8th MCACN – November 23rd-24th

Une publication partagée par The Real Bullitt (@therealbullitt) le 14 Août 2019 à 5 :56 PDT

Kiernan inherited the famous Mustang from his dad, who died in 2014. He has since teamed up with Ford to participate in many promotional events for the 2019 Mustang Bullitt.

Photo: Ford

For instance, Kiernan attended the 2018 NAIAS in Detroit alongside Molly McQueen, the granddaughter of Steve McQueen.

The other Mustang used by the production crew disappeared from sight for several years before it was found in a Mexican scrap yard.

How Much?

The Mecum auction house, which is handling the sale of the Mustang from Bullitt, has not made any estimation about the value of the car. Many experts predict, however, that it will be the most expensive Mustang ever sold.

For his part, Kiernan has not detailed the reasons behind the sale. He claims he will continue to be very active in the automotive and Mustang community while taking a much bigger role in Parkinson's research and associated charities.

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