NBA Star Designs the World’s Ugliest Car… as a Prank

INFINITI and its brand ambassador, NBA star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, recently teamed up to design the world’s ugliest car… and pull an epic prank.

Curry invited his best friend Chris “COSeezy” Strachan, founder of the Kick’n It brand and company, to a commercial shoot and asked him his feedback on a new concept car—dubbed “QXzero”—which he helped create to embody the “Future of Luxury.”

After insisting on his special relationship with INFINITI and automobiles, plus the fact he never thought he would get the chance to design his very own car, Curry lifted the veil.

Instead of finding a sleek and sensational vehicle, his buddy saw an old GO-4 (a miniature three-wheeler often used for public works in cities) completely wrapped in a horrible body kit and painted in an equally tasteless colour. The engine under the panels is a puny 1.0-litre triple-cylinder producing 66 horsepower and mated to a four-speed transmission, yet Curry said with a straight face that it could achieve a top speed of 220 mph (over 330 km/h).

The prank worked for several minutes, showing once more how human candour can be exploited and made fun of.

To thank COSeezy for his participation, INFINITI later presented him a real concept, namely the QX Inspiration introduced in Detroit at the beginning of this year. Now that’s an impressive vehicle!

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