Aston Martin Rapide Looming

It’s often been remarked that the automotive market can be used as an indicator for economic health. Good times in the market are usually marked with a glut of two seat sports cars and coupes; expressive, enjoyable, entertaining toys that are a boon in tougher times. And that we’re trapped in tougher times is undeniable.

So, those sporty coupes and convertibles are few and far between these days. But thankfully automakers are endowing us with plenty of captivating sedans that are most than lust-worthy, ranging from Porsche’s technological tour de force (the Panamera) to Aston Martin’s Rapide. The thing is, the Rapide has been in the pipeline so long that its creation has been questioned repeatedly, although Aston Martin is putting all those critics to rest in Frankfurt with the debut of the a production Rapide. Obviously, with the show still a month away, Aston is being tight-lipped about details, but has released these renderings that should give a pretty good idea of what the 470 horsepower, V-12 powered four door will look like inside and out.

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