Tesla Model Y Hits the Streets for Testing

Unveiled at the company’s design studios in California about two months ago, the all-new Tesla Model Y is already out on the streets.

Technically, deliveries of this compact crossover will begin in the fall of 2020, but Tesla is currently busy with the testing phase. In fact, the team over at ChargePoint recently spotted a pre-production model on the move.

The Model Y is poised to become a strong performer for the electric car manufacturer and may even surpass the Model 3 sedan in terms of popularity in North America. The two are extremely similar, but the former stands out with a taller profile and driving position, as well as increased cargo capacity. Oh, and it will offer a seven-passenger option.

Photo: Tesla

The Long Range variant (483 km) will roll off the assembly line first and start at $66,290 with rear-wheel drive. For an extra $6,000, you’ll get all-wheel drive but reduced range (451 km). And if you want the Performance model, prepare to pay another $12,000.

As for the Model Y Standard Range (370 km), production will begin in early 2021, according to Tesla’s website. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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