Vezo 360, a Smart 4K Dashcam with Drowsiness Detection

In order to prevent thousands of road accidents caused by drowsy driving, a Korean-based tech startup called ArVizon recently launched a smart 360-degree dashcam with available artificial intelligence that can detect signs of fatigue behind the wheel and immediately alert drivers.

The Vezo 360's proprietary sensor technology constantly tracks the driver's eyes and mouth and is said to be smart enough to recognize and monitor the different levels of drowsiness and respond with corresponding levels of alarm intensity.

The device is also the only dual-lens dashcam capable of shooting 4K video in 360 degrees, recording extremely detailed footage with a view out every window as well as the car's interior.

Photo: ArVizon

Thanks to integrated 4G LTE and Bluetooth connectivity, footage automatically uploads to the cloud in the event of an accident or break-in and the Vezo 360 will send a notification to the driver's phone. Not only that, but a mobile app can provide instant access to a livestream of the car.

The 4K resolution makes this dashcam even more valuable for security, as it can make out car license plates and other elements at far greater distances. Meanwhile, a magnetic mount allows it to be easily removed from the car, so you can record evidence in an emergency situation.

Furthermore, a built-in GPS chip helps drivers find out exactly where they parked in real time.

If you don’t have a GoPro, another option with the Vezo 360 is to use it as an internet-connected action camera by mounting on a tripod or other external mounts.

Launched via crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Vezo 360 dashcam is available to order now with early-bird specials. There are two models for sale—one with AI and instant notifications (retail price of $349 USD) and one without ($299 USD). Worldwide shipping will begin this fall.

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