Volkswagen e-Golf Gets Completely Naked

They say true beauty lies inside. Well, Volkswagen is giving us an amazingly cool and unique example. While the all-electric e-Golf may look like an ordinary Golf, the components under the sheetmetal tell a much different story.

What you see here is a cutaway model called eGon that the German automaker created for IdeenExpo, a large youth event for science and technology taking place in Hanover from June 15-23. A team of aspiring automotive technicians also contributed to the project.

Click on the photos above to get a better look.

Photo: Volkswagen

It exposes the entire electronics complete with all the wiring to provide insight into the complex technology behind the e-Golf. And apart from a few minor exceptions, the eGon is mobile and fully functional.

As a quick reminder, the Volkswagen e-Golf starts at $36,720. It uses an electric motor that generates 134 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque, as well as a 35.8-kWh battery that delivers a range of 201 kilometres. Level 2 (240V) charging requires five hours.

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