Ford Fusion Rumoured to Come Back as Outback-Style Wagon

Much has been said and written about Ford’s controversial decision to eliminate all traditional cars from the North American market except for the iconic Mustang. Of course, some exciting new products will take their place, most notably an all-electric crossover set to debut in 2020.

Now, according to the latest rumours and reports from Bloomberg, CarsGuide and others, the Ford Fusion could make a return in about three years—not as the family sedan we currently know but rather in the shape of an all-new sport wagon that would directly rival the Subaru Outback.

What do you think about that?

The Fusion has been an important part of the Blue Oval’s lineup and sales are still fairly strong. A mild facelift was performed for 2019, but the current generation will die a couple of years after that.

Apparently, there’s a plan to build a high-riding, hatchback-type replacement on the same underpinnings and again use the Fusion name. Ford is making a real push toward utility vehicles and judging by the popularity of the Subaru Outback, which is now outselling the Fusion in the U.S. for the first time ever, this particular development could prove a win-win scenario.

By the way, in Europe and other markets, the Fusion (called Mondeo) is also offered in five-door sedan and wagon versions.

The big question for us Canadians is: Will a potential Fusion wagon/crossover equipped with a robust AWD system be sold north of the border? Remember, the next-generation, Chinese-built Ford Focus Active hatchback, designed as a Subaru Impreza/Crosstrek fighter with extra ground clearance, black fender flares and all, is headed for the U.S. only.

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