Koenigsegg Promises Saab Revival

When Saab went to Dutch supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, surprise was definitely the emotion of the day. With a production run of just a few cars a year, the quirky supercar maker seemed ill-equipped for the acquisition of a large-volume worldwide sedan manufacturer, but once the dust had settled, it seemed to make more sense.

Once known as a quirky manufacturer themselves, Saab has been in need of a serious quirk infusion since their complete pacification at the hands of General Motors. Thankfully, Koenigsegg controlling owner Baard Ecker told Automotive News that that Koenigsegg would revive the “soul and spirit” of Saab to bring the brand back to its former glory while simultaneously bringing Saab’s former uniqueness to the automotive industry. Definitely good news, bringing Saab’s lineup from the obscurity it’s earned in GM’s stable is exactly what the doctor ordered, and should help boster the sagging brand’s sales tremendously.

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