We're Heading to Stuttgart for some 70 years of Porsche Sports Cars Celebrations!

If you ever get the chance to drive the A10 through Austria, or better yet, the 99 that runs alongside it, make sure you stop in Gmünd. It was in this tiny town, way back in 1948, that Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche decided to do something about the lackluster selection of sporty cars.

He famously said: “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” It is to that thought that we owe the birth of some of the most iconic, desirable and beautiful sports cars in the world. It was in Gmünd that he hammered out the sublime Porsche Typ 356 "No. 1" Roadster, chassis number 356-001.

Later this week, we’re heading out to Stuttgart, Porsche’s world headquarters, to sample many things Porsche. The agenda is loaded with presentations, an unveiling, a production site tour, some time spent at the Museum and, yes, the pièce de résistance, driving some cars.

Before I tell you what I know about the car’s I’ll have to drive, the site tour will include the Mission E production plant. This should prove to be both entertaining and fascinating as all eyes are on Porsche to—well, to put it nicely—stick it to Tesla…

The 70-year Ceremony will be held at the Museum, surrounded by some of the cars that have made the brand what it is today. Once the presentations are over, I plan on sneaking away and snuggling with either a 930 Turbo or, if I’m feeling a little less self-confident, a 964 Carrera.

Speaking of 911s… Rumours has it that the 911s that will be made available to us for some wheel time will sport the letters “GT” followed by a number and perhaps more letters. As excited as I am about these cars, it is the legend that bares the letters “RS” preceded by some numbers that have me fizzing over with barely containable elation, much like when I attended my first NKOTB concert and saw Jordan in the flesh!

Check back right here for some fantastic Porsche material next week!

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