Saab's New Owner: Koenigsegg?!

When GM put Saab on the auction block all those months ago, possible buyers roared into the headlines, with the list of potentials ranging from obscure investment firms to other car manufacturers. Throughout the months leading up to GM’s chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the list was pared down daily, as Chinese investment firm after Chinese investment firm dropped out of the running. The only recent addition? Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg.

Producing some of the world’s fastest cars, Koenigsegg was pronounced to be the victor of the Saab bidding war according to Swedish TV reports yesterday, with final negotiations regarding the changeover to occur over the coming months, with Saab finally moving into Koenigsegg ownership by the winter.

Obviously, what this means for Koenigsegg’s intentions with the tarnished Saab brand after years of GM ownership, well, that’s anyone’s guess!

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