Tesla is Reportedly Working on a New Vehicle Called the Model Y

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk announced in a conference call that a new crossover dubbed the Model Y would soon be released by Tesla. Of course, Musk, being the eccentric billionaire that he is, declared that the vehicle would be commercialized within the next 24 months; a claim that is hard to believe considering his Fremont plant in California is currently operating at full capacity in an attempt to meet Model 3 production targets.

A Nice Video

While it all (again) sounds far-fetched, Tesla does nevertheless show us a glimpse of this new mysterious vehicle in a recent corporate video, which puts forward its current and future technological progress. The video, while expressing corporate confidence, does spawn interrogations. The prototype in question, shown half unveiled, seems to be a car rather than an SUV. You can spot it at the 0:16 second mark.

The arrival of a second utility vehicle in Tesla’s lineup would prove a logical step forward in today’s industry. The Model 3, being a compact car, would serve as the perfect basis for an SUV of similar size, which, let’s not forget, is currently the fastest growing segment at the moment. Musk promising it to consumers in the next two years is indeed daring, especially with Tesla still having difficulty supplying its Model 3 to its clients.

Could the car spotted in that video be a new Model S instead? That would make a bit more sense…

On our end, we do not have more information about this intriguing new vehicle, and frankly, even if we’d ask Tesla, we wouldn’t expect much feedback. The California-based carmaker doesn’t have a very sympathetic reputation with media. Meanwhile, Elon Musk continues to awe the world and its numerous fans with his crazy ideas and strangely charismatic arrogant behavior. Let’s just hope Tesla will be able to deliver on his promise.

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