A "Mini" Ford Bronco Confirmed for 2020

DEARBORN, Michigan – While Ford was busy talking about its upcoming hybrid Mustang and F-150, we were given the opportunity to see the new Bronco! No, we didn’t actually see it. Well, we did, but in the form of a box hidden underneath a drape. There was, however, another cool little truck in Dearborn that got our attention…

No Name

As we’re writing this, we know nothing about the new Bronco, except that it will show its face in Ford showrooms in 2020. But judging by its proportions alone, the vehicle appears to not be much larger than a Jeep Wrangler, a characteristic that should please Bronco fans who have been waiting impatiently for its return. However, Ford does promise a “real off-roader” whose performance will borrow inspiration from the F-150 Raptor. That’s all we can tell you so far, because that’s all we know. If you saw images of an uncovered Bronco on the Internet, they didn’t come from Ford. We can’t wait!

Ford has other projects for its off-road lineup of vehicles. During the top secret presentation where journalists were asked to leave cameras or any sort of recording equipment behind, Ford unveiled what it calls a miniature version of the Bronco—a tiny, rugged compact SUV that sort of reminds us of the first-generation Escape. This little trucklet has no name yet, but Ford did allow us to share a teaser image revealing a blocky, Bronco-like design as well as a young and cheerful demeanor. Just like the Bronco, we know nothing about this new vehicle, but we like the idea a lot!

Finally, Ford has announced an all-new Explorer which should arrive later this year. A performance-oriented ST version will follow shortly after. Of course, we’ll s

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