These are the Brands Car Owners are More Loyal to

So, which car companies are the best at keeping trade-in customers in the family? The reality in 2018 is that brand loyalty no longer holds the same weight, with people’s needs and tastes changing so often. However, those offering a wide array of SUV models, emotionally engaging designs and a solid history of reliability have a definite edge.

Based on more than 13.9 million vehicle transactions in the U.S. between 2007-2017, a new report by the Edmunds website shows that Toyota, Subaru and Honda (in that order) have the highest levels of customer loyalty in the mainstream segment.

Toyota and Honda are obviously renowned for their quality and reliability, making them very appealing to buyers who value vehicle longevity—and that includes their trucks and SUVs as well. Subaru is pretty much in the same boat and has particularly benefitted from its strong lineup of desirable SUVs equipped with standard all-wheel drive.

As far as luxury brands are concerned, Lexus, Audi and Land Rover are now tops in loyalty rankings. You know, high-end buyers tend to be more fickle, but Toyota’s luxury division is able to retain practical customers who embrace the brand's reputation for comfort and reliability. Meanwhile, Audi’s loyalty is the result of connecting with buyer emotions with distinct designs and a focus on performance, and Land Rover owes its success to its SUV-heavy lineup which is perfectly in line with current consumer tastes.

Which car brand are you more loyal to, and why?

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