What is a Paint Protection Film?

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Weather and road conditions cause premature wear to your vehicle and can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Some parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, are more vulnerable to impacts because they are exposed to all types of road projectiles. Pebbles, salt, sand and gravel can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s paint, which will later become a source of corrosion since most of the time are made of steel.

The Paint Protection Film acts as a shield, protecting the paint from wear and tear.
It is normally installed on the surface of exposed areas such as the front bumper, hood, mirrors, fenders, wheel wells, door sills and luggage area sill.

At UniglassPlus / Ziebart, the film is traced and cut from a digital plotter programmed according to the make and model of the vehicle. Each piece is pre-cut with extreme precision, so as to perfectly cover the different parts of the vehicle to protect. This way of proceeding is without risk of damaging the paint, since the cutting procedure is not carried out directly on the vehicle. It should be noted that the application of Paint Protection Film is a reversible process, so it is possible to remove the protective film neatly without leaving any residue on the vehicle’s paint.

The product used at UniglassPlus / Ziebart is a high-quality film that adheres firmly to the vehicle's paint without affecting its appearance or colour. It is designed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers that not only prevents discolouration due to contamination and UV rays, but also has a self-healing ability, which means that minor scratches and scuffs heal by themselves. In addition to being resistant to extreme heat, it protects the paint from bug splatter, UV rays and chemicals.

Paint Protection Film is an excellent complement to the Rust Protection Treatments available at UniglassPlus / Ziebart. While the Rust Protection Treatments will protect the metal structure of the vehicle, the Paint Protection Film will protect the outer surface and the inner part of the body panels of the vehicle, providing maximum protection.

Paint Protection Film is, without question, a profitable investment.

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