Are These the First Images of the 2019 Volvo V60?

It was just a matter of time before Volvo’s compact luxury wagon, the V60, went through the same design overhaul as the rest of the Volvo family. While the Swedish carmaker is supposed to officially present the car next week, and plans on presenting it at the Geneva auto show, the Internet has already leaked images of the much-anticipated wagon. If that’s what it will look like, frankly, it’s rather attractive.

Who Doesn’t Like Rumours?

The images you see here have first been published by Bosnian automotive website AutoMotoSvijet, which seems to have already removed them from its website. However, other websites, such as Autocar and American giant Jalopnik also claim that this will in fact be the next V60. According to these media outlets, once the V60 will be unveiled, the S60 sedan will follow not too long after. Autocar claims sales of the 2019 S60/V60 combo will begin in early 2019. But for now, everything you just read are nothing more than rumours.

However, if we were to rely solely on these images and Volvo’s latest design language, the V60 will undoubtedly have the appearance of a mini V90, just like the XC60 looks an awful lot like its big brother, the XC90. The Thor’s Hammer LED headlights, now a Volvo styling trademark, will of course come standard. At the moment, Volvo has not said anything about the car’s drivetrain or pricing. But we wouldn’t be surprised to see the T5, T6, and T8 turbocharged and hybrid engine family find its way under its hood.

As we’re writing this, the only official information we have from Volvo is a brief YouTube video. We’ll be at the Geneva auto show to tell you more about this sexy new wagon during its official unveiling.

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