What to Give a Car Enthusiast for Christmas

This advertorial is brought to you by Icar Mirabel

Do you know a car enthusiast? This year for Christmas, offer a gift that he or she will remember for a long time! No more objects that end up gathering dust in the garage, it’s time for a gift that will be engraved in that person’s memories forever. If your loved one dreams of driving a car at full speed on a race track, ICAR Mirabel has exactly what you need. Accompanied by a professional instructor, the lucky pilot will undergo a theoretical training on the basics of circuit driving before embarking on the track as a passenger, and then drive the car of his choice. Speeds of around 200 km/h will be reached in prestigious cars like a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Summer or winter, driving experiences have been offered for 10 years now on ICAR Mirabel’s nearly 2-km long circuit.
Have you already offered this type of experience? Why not try something different with a winter driving course! Did you know that the technique of pumping the brakes to come to a stop is no longer relevant? This course has two components, theory and practice, which will demystify all the old beliefs regarding winter driving. You will learn how to avoid road exits and collisions, because everyone may need a refresher course to sharpen their driving techniques. Undecided? Go for the ICAR Gift Boxes. The 6 most popular products are grouped in one box which offers to the person who receives it their choice among the 6 experiences that are offered.

Know that for the budding pilots, racing simulations as well as passenger experiences are also available from 12 years old.

This year, go for an experience, because just like the magic of Christmas, it will stay in our memories forever, and with gifts as surprising as this, your loved ones won’t forget this Christmas!

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