Hyundai Unveils its Next-generation, Hydrogen-powered SUV

While Hyundai has committed to developing fuel cell-powered vehicles, the company’s vice-president, Lee Kwang-guk, declared that the company was to realign its strategy and put the emphasis on electric vehicles.

This follows what was announced last spring, when Hyundai said to be working on a fully electric vehicle that would boast a driving range of 500 kilometres, and that would be introduced as a Genesis model by 2021.

Nevertheless, the company just unveiled a few details on their upcoming hydrogen-powered SUV, which should be officially presented later this year.

The vehicle in question, seen in the pictures here, is said to be capable of covering a distance of 580 km on a fill-up of hydrogen. It should be on sale next year in Korea, in Europe and in North America. However, Hyundai doesn’t think it will be able to offer a wide and profitable range of fuel cell vehicles before 2035.

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