Patent Drawings Unveil Stretched E-Class

It’s pretty common for secretive automotive innovations to come to light through patent offices and their relatively lax security measures. Mazda’s facelifted MX-5 and Nissan’s 370Z roadster both made premature debuts thanks to the European Union’s patent office, and now Mercedes has that same office to thank for the unveiling of their stretched Pullman-edition E-Class.

Basically a semi-stretched limousine, Pullman editions are favourites of the European carmakers due to the pairing of a Pullman’s extremely high luxury standards without the ostentatious character of a properly stretched limousine... to say nothing of wielding a stretched limo through many of European’s smaller streets. Inside the upcoming Pullman E-Class is expected to be a plethora of optional luxury equipment, ranging from huge entertainment systems to fully reclining and massaging rear chairs, power operated curtains and various tables and surfaces for conducting obviously important business. Interestingly, the patent sketches show a myriad of Pullman lengths, ranging from long wheelbase models all the way to six-door models with expansive middle doorways for red carpet-esque ingress and egress.

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