Stories To Follow In 2017: Electric vehicles? Probably. Hybrid vehicles? Definitely.

Electric vehicles are gradually gaining ground in Quebec. In fact, the Quebec government has implemented a policy favouring the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles. There is no doubt that more electric cars will be hitting our market in 2017. The arrival of the spectacular Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017, boasting a range of almost 380 km and retailing for just over $43,000 after rebate and taxes, is sure to put more people behind the wheel of an electric car. Especially since this vehicle is highly practical and fun to drive. But we should point out that the total number of electric vehicles is still limited, the prices remain prohibitive, and there are plenty of logistical problems to be resolved.

On the other hand, hybrid vehicle sales are rising sharply. There are more models available of hybrids than there are of electric cars, and numerous car manufacturers are turning toward that technology, whether it’s a traditional hybrid vehicle or a plug-in. Also, today’s drivers are becoming increasingly familiar with the technology, which not only cuts their fuel costs, but more importantly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Hybrid vehicles are ideal for city driving, and many consumers seem to agree.

There is also the desire among manufacturers to step up their marketing for these models. For example, brands as prestigious as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are interested in adding plug-in hybrids to their product range, and other big names in the industry are sure to follow suit in 2017.

In short, the hybrid vehicle market is poised to grow in 2017, and there’s a trend toward all-electric.

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