Stories To Follow In 2017: The growing presence of electronics

For many years, a driver’s choice of options consisted of air conditioning, FM radio and remote trunk release. Eventually, we got voice commands, followed by electronic climate control, satellite radio and, more recently, navigation systems. This last development is an integral part of a screen display that allows drivers to control most of a car’s functions. It’s probably more than what most customers are looking for.Nevertheless, recent months have seen an increase in models with advanced electronic features, and the industry will only continue to head in that direction. The latest trend is connecting your vehicle to Wi-Fi, which opens up numerous possibilities. The ability to link your cell phone to your car and essentially take control with apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will make electronic controls even more prevalent in vehicles.

Being able to link your smartphone to your car’s management system and display has been a game-changer for the relationship between vehicles and the outside world. And this is only the beginning, because most car manufacturers have announced sizable investments into related research. They’re looking to increase their vehicles’ connectivity to the internet and interactions with other cars. At the same time, this should facilitate the development of self-driving cars—the technology is there, but development has been slowed by legal and logistical issues.

Get ready, cars will become more and more computerized in 2017.

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