Mitsubishi eX Concept, a new fully electric SUV

Japanese brand Mitsubishi presented one of their latest concept vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the fully electric, Mitsubishi eX Concept compact SUV that features an autonomous driving mode. Stuffed with all of the manufacturer’s most recent electric propulsion technologies, the eX Concept is said to be able to cover a distance of 400 kilometres (248 miles) on a single charge.

Performance is also at the heart of this concept, with instant torque delivery that’s a typical trait of electric powertrains. The front wheels benefit from an output of 70 kW (94 horsepower), same thing for the rear wheels, which brings the combined output to 140 kW or 188 hp.

This twin powertrain setup also allows for an S-AWC, all-wheel drive system that maximises grip at all times and enhances the vehicle’s performance. Three drive modes are offered according to road conditions.

From a styling standpoint, both the exterior and interior design present the direction in which the company will be heading as they develop future models. Mitsubishi seeks to give its lineup a more dynamic approach with a sportier and more contemporary style.

The vehicle benefits not only from several safety driving aids, but also an autonomous driving mode. The valet mode notably allows the vehicle to communicate with the parking infrastructures in public areas and park by itself. The vehicle can also pick its passengers up where it left them at the simple press of a button.

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