More Hybrid Technology Coming for Ferrari

When we hear the word hybrid, we generally think about fuel-efficient compact cars like the Toyota Prius, small vehicles that use efficient gasoline engines with a battery pack that helps the car in urban situations.

However, there is now another side to electrification: thanks to recent changes in Formula One and the latest crop of supercars like the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari LaFerrari, we now see that a very powerful gasoline engine coupled with a torquey electric motor can be beneficial, since the immediate output of electricity can help work hand in hand with the internal combustion engine.

Seems like Ferrari wants to keep on going in this direction: Bloomberg reports that Sergio Marchionne said that after 2019, most—if not all—Ferraris will be powered by a hybrid system.

There are two distinct advantages for the Italian manufacturer to use this technology. We previously talked about performance, but there might be economic reasons for it, too. If Ferrari wants to build more than 10,000 vehicles a year, they will need to conform to CO2 emissions regulations. If that’s the case, hybrid vehicles will be much easier to justify than screaming V12s.

But let’s be clear: Marchionne has no intention of creating an all-electric Ferrari; according to him, this would be an abomination.

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