Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility: Stealthier than Ever

A few months ago, we showed you the new Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility—the police version of the Ford Explorer—which would be harder than ever to spot from afar. With its new light bar camouflaged in the windscreen, it is getting pretty difficult to see if the SUV that's approaching is a police cruiser.

However, from the back, the police SUV was a little easier to recognize: its blue and red lights were installed in the hatch, so you could theoretically see the black shape in the higher part of the frame when you were coming up from behind. This was also a problem for the police officers, because it impeded visibility.

This is why Ford now offers a set of lights embedded directly in the small rear spoiler. This will not only make the police SUV even stealthier, but it will also make it easier for policemen to see out of their trucks. The fact that this is en equipment offered directly by Ford will also simplify repairs and installation.

Do you remember when police vehicles were easily recognizable, so you could go to them if you needed help? Those days are gone; today, the idea is to be a stealthy as possible, so as to collect more revenues from people going "too fast."

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