We will get the Mercedes-Benz G 550 4x4 Squared

Mercedes-Benz has two distinct personalities: one of them builds solid and well-thought sedans and SUVs, and has been steadily improving safety and build quality over the past decade.

The second personality is a little crazier. Their AMG brand takes regular Mercedes-Benz vehicles and shoves overpowered engines into them. The end result is sometimes hard to drive, ridiculously fun and always desirable. Some of these vehicles are very discreet (as long as you don’t turn engine on, that is…) while others are pretty eye-catching

The G 550 4x4 Squared is an offshoot derivative of the 6x6 G-Class—which is based on the regular G-Class—and a member of this second group. It may have "only" two axles, but compensates with a raised suspension (for a ride height of 43 cm), huge tires, a selection of paint colours that would make a box of smarties jealous and a 416-horsepower V8.

Up until now, we thought that the SUV would join in the long list of vehicles not offered in Canada. Well, Mercedes-Benz just proved us wrong by announcing that the G 550 Squared will be sold here! If you need a truck that can climb ANY snow bank, look no further… although you might need a small ladder to get into it.

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