The Car Guide is Going to Drive Some Fords!

Yeah, yeah, we know. If we made an announcement every time we drove a Ford, the social networks would be inundated. It’s just that this time, we’re going to drive a self-driving Ford, which begs the question: is “drive” really the right word for what we’re going to do? For the past few months, Ford has been making a lot of noise about its Smart Mobility plan, and we’ve seen several photos and videos of a Fusion Hybrid that drives itself. It will undoubtedly be one of the cars that we’ll drive.

According to the invitation we got from Ford for this week’s event—known as “Further With Ford”—we will also have the chance to drive several 2017 models. I would be willing to bet that the Ford GT will be there, but we won’t be able to drive it. It would steal some thunder from the autonomous car!

Among the other activities, there’s an exciting seminar on industry trends and another with Bill Ford and Mark Fields, Ford’s executive chairman and president, respectively.

They’re also promising to make special announcement.

We can’t wait to tell you more about it!

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