All-new Kia Rio to make Global Debut in Paris

After being on the market since 2012, the current-generation Rio subcompact is due for a redesign, and a completely new model will be presented at the upcoming Mondial de l’automobile in Paris next month.

Only design sketches have been released by Kia so far, but they reveal what should be a sportier look for the fourth-generation Rio. According to the manufacturer, the car’s design was led by their studios in Germany and California, in collaboration with their main studio in Korea.

The 2018 Kia Rio will boast a longer wheelbase and a longer front overhang. The company is also promising “class-leading practicality and safety technology, the latest connectivity features, and more assured and engaging ride and handling characteristics.”

According to Kia, the Rio is their best-selling model worldwide, with 437 000 units sold in 2015 alone. The all-new Kia Rio should being production late in 2016 for the European market, and expand to other markets soon thereafter.

The cover will be lifted off the 2018 Kia Rio in Paris on September 29.

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