The End of the V8 Era at Audi

Throughout the VW empire’s history, more than a few V8 engines distinguished themselves. There was the Audi S4 B6’s 4.2-litre V8, the Volkswagen Touareg’s turbodiesel V8 and even the mill of the Porsche 928, a 5.4-litre engine that developed 345 horsepower in 1992 (while the Mustang of the same era barely made 205…).

However, it seems like the V8 era is coming to a close at Audi. Autocar UK learned that the latest generation of this engine, launched as a turbodiesel in the Audi SQ7, might be the last of its kind for the brand.

Moving further, the German giant will try and concentrate its efforts on electric drivetrains. As early as 2025, they want to have no less than 25-35% of their vehicles to run on electric power alone.

Before bowing out, this last V8 will be used in the new Porsche Panamera, and should move on to be used in a few other Audi and Bentley products.

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