Radical Changes for the Next Dodge Charger

Even though we like the Dodge Charger, it is long overdue for some updates. Its chassis was been launched in 2005, and some of its components are remnants of the dark age when Cerberus Capital Management owned Chrysler.

Automotive News obtained some interesting information concerning the Charger’s future: according to them, the next iteration of the full-size sedan will be based on an Alfa Romeo platform, more specifically the one underpinning the Giulia. Obviously, it would need to be stretched to accommodate the Charger’s size.

The car should also be lighter: the current Charger weighs 1785 kg, which is a lot for a car (but it is quite light for an ocean-going liner, so it depends on your perspective…). Thanks to the aforementioned new platform and more modern materials, the next version could shed more around 200 kg.

Finally, to match the stringent emissions regulations, Dodge may choose to fit the next Charger with a turbocharged four-cylinder. This engine could debut in the next Jeep Wrangler. However, don’t worry, the V8 engines aren’t going anywhere.

This new-and-improved Dodge Charger should arrive somewhere in the 2020s. In the meantime, the current model should continue to be sold pretty much unchanged.

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