Spring Cleaning Your Car

Your car got you through winter, with all the wind, snow, ice, salt and sand. You may have gone into hibernation mode, but your car didn’t. And chances are you haven’t taken it in for maintenance since you had the winter tires put on. After all, it’s been too cold for that. Tune ups are for later. In the spring. Hey, that’s right around the corner!

Whatever’s happening under your car is your mechanic’s business, but the vehicle’s interior and trunk are your domain. 

Mechanic’s visual inspection 

When you have your tires changed, take the opportunity to have your car inspected. After all, it will already be raised and its calipers and other components will be in full view for the mechanic to see. 

All garages have visual inspection checklists covering various areas under your car and under the hood. 

  • Brakes, steering, suspension, etc.
  • Battery charge, lights and indicators 
  • Various liquids such as motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.

Cabin and trunk

Even your car needs TLC. If mechanical inspections aren’t your thing, you can still pay attention to the interior, including the seats, mats and trunk. 

  • Put away winter gear (shovels, jumper cables, blankets, traction mats, etc.) 
  • Remove any unnecessary items 
  • Deep clean the mats and vacuum the interior 
  • Wash and wax the exterior
  • Clean windows and plastic surfaces (to prevent discolouration and cracking)
  • Check the condition of the vehicle body (and repair any nicks) 

At the end of the day, there are four good reasons to give your vehicle a little springtime love: safety, reliability, long-term savings and environmental responsibility. 

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