Butterfly Doors on a MINI!

While butterfly doors on a car (popularized by Lamborghini as well as a lot of modified early-2000 Honda Civics) are pretty enough, they never had any real-world application… until now.

MINI just announced a new option: if you want, you can now get your sporty English compact car with a set of doors that opens vertically!

This invention will diminish the total vehicle’s width by around 30%. Your MINI will then be easier to park than ever!

These doors are activated with the keyfob or by lifting the doors manually. In the future, engineers expect that those doors can be opened through an app.

And if you are worried about safety, know that MINI added a system called Pyrotechnic Emergency Exit, or PEE. To put it bluntly, this piece of equipment blasts the doors away from the car in case of an emergency, giving rescue workers access to the passengers.

These doors are available as of today, April 1st…

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